Small Group Intensive - Do Be Balance

3 MONTH, COMMUNITY-BASED, SMALL-GROUP INTENSIVE PROGRAM with pre-event and post-event support, with the goal of creating solid narrative that will permanently undergird a DOING and BEING BALANCE.

The Small Group Intensive – Do Be Balance, Kick Start Meeting for StoryCamp attendees is happening at 1:15pm (CT) this afternoon Sunday 1 November. 

Make sure you have registered in advance to join the Kick Start Party. 

Enter StoryCamp Live Main Stage Ballroom

Doors will open Laser Coaching at 9:00am (CT) 
The main event will commence at 10:00am (CT)

StoryCamp Live Event Updates

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StoryCamp 2020 Day 2 - Journaling Prompts

Your Laser Coaching Survey Responses

Question 1 – Overall Landscape of your life

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Question 2 – In three (short-ish) sentences or less, what is the thing you’re Struggling with that you’d like some coaching on?

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Question 3 – In three (short-ish) sentences of less, what is your Preferred Outcome to that struggle?

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StoryCamp 2020 Day 1 - Journaling Prompt

You’re In! Woo who!
Let’s get the party started.

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Wait…… what are StoryPoints?

Glad you asked StoryPoints are your key to unlock bonuses, special prizes and surprises all week! So stay tuned in, engaged and complete the tasks around the dashboard to earn StoryPoints. More on that to come.

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