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StoryCamp Live - Play Full Out Code

Webcam etiquette:

Please enable your webcam during StoryCamp. If we were together in person I’d be able to glance at you and the others, “read the room,” and take it from there. The odds are if we were in person you wouldn’t have a sack over your head. LOL! With your webcam off, for me, it will be like driving after dark with my lights off; that’s no fun for any of us. Remember, tho, bio breaks are NOT things we want you to share with us… so leave your zoom video/audio off for those, deal? 😉

Being present:

Make sure the kids and others are tended to ahead of and during StoryCamp sessions, so that you can be fully present without worry about them and their care. If possible, put your phone in airplane mode; turn off notifications on your computer. Give yourself the gift of focusing just one thing for these few hours of your life.

Take care of your body before and during:

Cut-down on alcohol, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, prep up healthy snacks and meals ahead of time and take the time to savor them during StoryCamp.

The gift of community:

You know that people who are interested in this kind of event are going to be cool people. Get to know the others.

Staying on schedule:

This is NOT a long Zoom meeting; it’s a virtual experience. There’s no recording; there’s no repeating. So block your calendar completely for this event; be on time; stay for all of it. That’s the BEST way to get the most out of StoryCamp.


Clutter around you will clutter your mind. As best as you can prep up your space by cleaning away all the unnecessary stuff. You’ll be surprised how much easier it will be to learn and to participate from an uncluttered space.


There will be opportunity to post questions throughout StoryCamp. Be as succinct as possible, including only the relevant details related to getting a high-quality answer. Reminder: All Access Ticket holders have dedicated Q&A times.

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